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  • Brand Name: Mindivan
  • Origin: TR(Origin)
There is a high amount of iron quinoa in, so it can be used against anemia, and also contains calcium and fiber, so it is also used against constipation. Cholesterol is close to zero. With Those cholesterol disorders can easily consume quinoa. Quinoa also contains vitamins and high protein content, vegetarians and those who cannot consume milk can use this product.
Quinoa food is also recommended by NASA to astronauts, and even publicly known as food astronauts eat. The United Nations declared 2013 the year of Quinoa. Here we can understand the evaluation of Europe attaches to quinoa grains. Quinoa is a product that has the feature of keeping you full, its calories are very low and approximately 1 1 tablespoon of quinoa contains 36 calories. The oil rate is slightly higher than The bulgur compared to bulgur.
Does quinoa make tea weak?
The protein value of quinoa plant is very high, especially when compared to rice and bulgur, we see that quinoa is almost twice the protein value of quinoa. The reason why quinoa has become so popular recently is the protein factor. After the GMO effect on rice, citizens prefer a healthy diet and have turned their route to quinoa. Kino is a food that helps individuals lose weight. For example, you can use quinoa in vegetable meals and salads for both healthy eating and weight loss. If you use quinoa instead of rice and bulgur spinach in or leek dishes, you will feel both full and slimming rate for a long time.




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